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Who are we

Anja, Jan, Machiel and Anna welcome you to B&B "aan de Katwijkse kust" (at the shore of Katwijk)!


We are fond of the authentic Katwijk of the "old days" and in 1997 we managed to get a hold of a unique Fisherman's cottage a few hundred meters behind the Boulevard of Katwijk. Although it was in a really bad shape, we restored it in a few years to a beautiful, oldfashioned Fisherman's cottage. With all original details still preserved and the luxury you would wish for.


After we lived there ourselves and had our son Machiel there, we moved out and started to rent it out to tourists visiting Katwijk. We enjoy meeting our nice guests and have them get acquainted to the authentic character of Katwijk very much. So after the birth of our daughter Anna and the succesful start of the fisherman's cottage we went to look for more possibilities to welcome guests to Katwijk.


And we succeeded! In 2009 a small B&B came up for sale, located just behind the boulevard and only a stonethrow from the beach. We jumped in and as of early 2010 we started our B&B "aan de Katwijkse kust". With 2 doublerooms and 2 studio's, all with their own shower and toilet, we can accomodate upto 9 guests and have them enjoy Katwijk and offer them our hospitality.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Katwijk!